Patient Support Program

We believe all people in need should have access to high-quality, innovative and impactful medicines, regardless of where they live or what resources they have, and we offer support to help make this happen.

The myBeiGene Patient Support Program

The myBeiGene patient support program, currently available in the U.S. and Canada, provides comprehensive services for prescribed patients through personalized assistance from a dedicated Oncology Nurse Advocate, including:

  • Simplifying access through financial assistance: Your Oncology Nurse Advocate will help support you in navigating insurance coverage and co-pay assistance, so you can focus on your treatment and living your life.
  • Educating patients and caregivers: Along with your healthcare team, your Oncology Nurse Advocate can help answer questions you may have about your treatment and disease.
  • Providing personalized solutions: Living well with cancer takes support. Your Oncology Nurse Advocate is well-trained and dedicated to identifying resources that can best address your living needs, such as financial assistance, counseling services, and transportation to your appointments.