Our Purpose

At BeiGene, we are driven by the power of change. Our new global strategy, Change Is the Cure, will guide our efforts across five focus areas: advancing global health, empowering people, innovating sustainably, supporting communities, and operating responsibly. Within each focus area, we have identified two strategic priorities against which we will set concrete targets and report our progress.

Change is the Cure defines our aspirational reason for thinking beyond our products and provides us a path for helping create a better world. We will lead change by:

  • Striving to make life-saving medicines accessible for billions more patients around the world;
  • Challenging the status quo that push the boundaries to make the impossible possible;
  • Addressing injustices and targeting inequities;
  • Creating opportunities for people to thrive; and
  • Having the transformative ability to shift paradigms.

Advancing Global Health

Bringing affordable cutting-edge medicines to more people around the world

We believe that everyone should have access to innovative, life-changing medicines. From the discovery of new therapies to scaling our commercial reach, we are working to close the health equity gap by expanding access to patients globally. Our vision is to transform the biotechnology industry, creating impactful medicines that will be accessible and affordable to far more cancer patients around the world. To do so, we have developed a differentiated approach within the sector: 

  • We have a broad pipeline, including many pre-clinical candidates with first-in-class or best-in-class potential, we are developing to bring cutting-edge medicines to patients.  
  • Our novel clinical development model features clinical trials largely free of clinical research organizations (CROs) and leverages global studies to enroll patients more quickly, helping us cut the time and cost of clinical trials by up to one-third. 
  • Our commercialization approach is to quickly expand access to our medicines to both developed and developing markets and price our medicines at levels that broaden access for patients.  

Across our operations, our efforts are backed by comprehensive safety and quality systems to protect our patients and provide transparency to our stakeholders.  

Commitment to Access

At BeiGene, we are guided by a fundamental belief that patients deserve access to innovative medicines at affordable prices regardless of where in the world they live. To bring life-saving therapies to more patients more quickly, BeiGene leverages global clinical trials to develop high-quality medicines in shorter timeframes than the average clinical trial.

We have more than 90 ongoing or planned clinical trials to date and more than 30 pivotal, or potentially registration-enabling, trials ongoing in more than 45 geographies. These geographies include China, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, and Turkey, which are typically not considered early targets for clinical trials of innovative oncology treatment candidates.

We are able to further expand access to life-saving therapies by identifying like-minded partners with the same passion for saving lives. By either leveraging our research, development, and commercialization assets or by collaborating with partners to bring our therapies to new parts of the world, we leverage partnerships to pursue our mission of reaching billions more people with critical medicines.

As part of BeiGene’s efforts to keep patients at the center of all we do, we are thoughtful and purposeful about the variety of support we provide to both patients and their caregivers. Access and reimbursement are complex, but BeiGene has established meaningful patient support programs, which include reimbursement support and financial assistance for patients prescribed BeiGene medicines.

Commitment to Quality

Our Pledge

We pledge an unwavering commitment to safety, compliance, and quality – of our products, our research, and our services.

We strive to deliver quality that meets or exceeds patients’ and regulators’ expectations.

We empower every one of our colleagues and collaborators to identify opportunities to improve our performance.


Focus on Highest Quality Standards

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is the universal ethical and scientific quality standard for conducting human clinical trials. This quality continuum – from designing to conducting trials, to collecting and recording data, to reporting and disseminating results – informs every step we take in gaining knowledge through clinical development.

Our manufacturing facilities are built and maintained to satisfy global regulatory standards. Incorporating cutting-edge technology helps us to operate more efficiently while consuming resources responsibly.

Our wholly-owned and operated manufacturing sites have received approvals from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency, and the China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).